Zinaline is considered a very well established company in the wooden work field: doors, cabinets (closets and kitchens), cladding, wood floors and ceilings …

Throughout our modest history; we have successfully managed complex projects, ranging from residential compounds to private projects with high levels of professionalism, dedication and accuracy. At the center of our success lies a highly skilled and visionary team of professionals eager to create authentic ideas, striving to achieve outstanding results and most of all constantly seeking to earn our clients’ trust and respect.

Zinaline is an integration of the finest material and supplies, the originality of design and the premium client servicing. Excellency, refinement and elitism in all creations we offer is our promise.
OFFICES // SHOWROOMS // Jbeil, Main Highway, Lebanon
P +961 9 796 970 / 1 | F +961 9 796 972 | M +961 71 367 336
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